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Welcome to Bear Hill!
Please note that there is limited parking in the lot and it is illegal to park on any Cragsmoor roads. Please plan accordingly.

Cost of admission to Bear Hill is $7 per person, (children 12 and under free), payable by cash or online.

You can also purchase a $25 Annual Pass ($12 for children 13-16) that gives you unlimited access. You will receive a virtual annual pass. If a physical pass is desired, please see our ranger at the gate.

We appreciate any additional donations!

Please help us protect Bear Hill by respecting the following Terms of Entry:

- Enter at your own risk

- Stay on designated trails

- Leash and clean up after pets

- No alcoholic beverages or glass containers

- No drugs or drug use

- No graffiti

- No smoking

- No camping or campfires

- No rock climbing 

- No hunting or trapping

- No removal of plants or animals

- No motor vehicles or bicycles

- No overnight parking

- Carry in, carry out

Terms of Entry

I agree to abide by the hours of use either as posted or as advised by CA Patrol personnel on site at the time of my visit. I agree to recognize the hazards of forested and mountainous terrain, to assume all risks of personal injury, and to hold Cragsmoor Association, Cragsmoor Free Library and Bear Hill Preserve harmless of any liability or damages. I assume full responsibility for any injuries or death which may result at Bear Hill Preserve, including without limitations those resulting from negligence of the owners and managers of Bear Hill Preserve (Cragsmoor Free Library and Cragsmoor Association, respectively) in the maintenance and/or management of its property. I agree to be responsible for my own safety and welfare, and for any minors in my charge, and agree to release and indemnify the owners, managers, directors, officers, employees and agents from and against all actions, claims and cost for injuries or damage arising from or relating to my activities or those of minors in my charge on the Bear Hill Preserve. I agree that if there is any claim or dispute that arises out of my use of Bear Hill Preserve that results in any legal action being brought as a result therefrom, all issues will be settled by Courts of the State of New York, Ulster County, which I agree will have exclusive jurisdiction over every party in connection with such dispute, lawsuit or claim. I understand that Bear Hill Preserve access privileges may be revoked for failure to obey the rules, or for conduct that is illegal, dangerous, disturbing to other visitors or destructive of the property.  

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